The Management Team

Each property is managed utilizing a team of an experienced manager and an assistant who attend to day-to-day demands. On a periodic basis, the principals of the firm attend board meetings along with the manager. This occurs, when there is an issue where additional expertise is required such as budgeting, financial controls, staffing, building systems, major capital improvements or dispute resolution.

Each property is visited by the property manager at least weekly or as often as it takes to accomplish desired goals and assure compliance. The principals, managers and staff from other managed properties are available on a 24-hour basis should any emergency occur.

Responsiveness, cordiality and competence characterize our relationships with the residents and Board members of our managed properties.


A strident preventative maintenance plan is instituted to keep the building in first-rate condition and to see that necessary repair or replacement of building components is made expeditiously and at the proper cost. The operation of all mechanical systems is reviewed periodically. Our technical expertise is used to estimate the life span of current physical plant equipment for replacement and budgeting requirements.


Claims reduction management is a key component in lowering premiums. For example, offering alternative resolutions, intercepting disputes before they become claims, and negotiating fair solutions to problems, are preferred. A full insurance review is done annually.


Brokerage service consisting of sales and rentals of apartments and commercial space is performed. We perform as broker and consultant in exercising rights of first refusal and contract assignment.

We consider our job to be 24/7