Welcome to William B. May Company

William B. May Management Company is a comprehensive residential real estate brokerage and management firm, managing assets valued in excess of $1.5 Billion with annual cumulative cash flow of approximating $50 Million per year. The portfolio of properties is exclusive to Manhattan and is luxury high-end co-ops and condominiums. We are licensed by the State of New York and are members of the Real Estate Board of New York. The firm was established in 1993.

The company offers variations of full service management that can include all book keeping services, payroll and monthly financial reporting, budgeting and financial forecasting and planning. All administrative aspects of stock and deed transfers, financing, apartment subleasing and alterations are facilitated. Day to day expediting, coordination, communication and response to property, resident and ownership demands. Construction and repair dynamics and circumstances are responded to appropriately.

We consider our job to be 24/7